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Reg. $59

Help Setup One Demo

Live Support

30-Day Risk-Free

Lean Startup

Reg. $1400

*6 Month Hosting Included

*Help Import 100 Products

*Dedicated Slack: 90 Days

*Soft Marketing Push

*Ambassador Program

*Showcase Gallery


Reg. $2400

*12 Months Hosting Included

*Help Import 1000 Products

*Dedicated Slack: 180 Days


*Ambassador Program

*Hard Marketing Push

*Custom Slider

*Showcase Gallery

Beyond Startup

Reg. $4400

*24 Months Hosting Included

*Help Import 2500 Products

*Dedicated Slack: 360 Days


*Ambassador Program

*Aggressive Marketing Push

*Custom Sliders (up to 3)

*Featured: Showcase Gallery

*Direct# to Product Manager

*Custom Brandbook included 
  (Logo + Business Card)

*Premium Business Cards Prints

*All packages included features listed under Freelancer package.
*All packages includes support via Live-Chat (WP Admin) and Support-Center (Ticket System)
*Get help import products using spread-sheet to speed up the process.
*Get invited to a Dedicated Slack channel where you can jump hoops and report issues directly to our engineers.
*Customization need to be discussed with us and all customization request are not accepted or may require additional cost.
*We will use our marketing channels to give your shop a Marketing Push at the time of launch. (Our Network Incl. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Behance, Dribbble, Youtube* etc.)
*Custom Logo: 2-3 Logo Concepts. Ask for more info.
*To get listed on Showcase Gallery the design must be approval by our designer. 

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