XSHOP: Devices Under Test For QA

We take testing our product seriously. If you have observed carefully you will notice that nowhere we make a claim to be 100% Responsive or Mobile Friendly. There are over 30,000 Themes on ThemeForest and almost all of them claim to be 100% Responsive. For us to claim to be 100% responsive means to be pixel perfect on all types of devices whether mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops. Which is impossible as there are countless devices with different sizes, shapes, operating system and browsers.

What we have set out to do is something not many people in the industry do. We have set out to test our products on top and most popular devices in the market and try to fix all major and minor issues. Our QA team test each page carefully and does a screen recording with video and audio and then forward it to the engineers who fix each and every issue.

Below is the spreadsheet with detail report on what devices are currently being tested and what’s planned. If you have a device, model, OS or browser that you would like us to test, please email us at

Video of how we do the testing in-house is coming soon…

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